Caroline Rice Pie

I send you a recipe for Caroline rice pie.
As a substitute for meat I use sometimes a bouillon cube or a savory extract. As a substitute for eggs you can use lima beans which have previously been thoroughly cooked. I have over 250 recipes for nourishing
and palatable dishes which contain no meat whatever.

“Half cup rice,
two cups strained tomato,
three tablespoons butter,
quarter cup chopped onion,
one cup diced potato,
half cup diced carrot,
two eggs,
one bouillon cube,
one cup water.

Wash and rinse the rice until the water comes away clear, throw it into the boiling tomato and boil five
minutes; add one teaspoon of butter to keep the grains in good form, and steam in double boiler one-hour. Cook vegetables and the rest of the butter slightly, add water and extract. Boil eggs twenty minutes and
chop. Put them with vegetables, etc, in a bake dish, cover the whole with the rice.
Use a half cup of water, a teaspoonful of butter, and four teaspoons of extract to moisten the rice and bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. A cup of diced and boiled egg plant is a delicious additionto the vegetables. C.B.L.”

More and more are people inclining to vegetables, cheese, and eggs as substitutes for meat. Partly because of the advance in the cost of meat, partly on account of the revelations which have been made concerning the methods of some untrustworthy firms who pack and sell meat, but even more, to my mind, from appreciation of the fact that the system requires less meat in hot weather and that there can be no better time to spare our digestions a strain than when vegetables are at their best and cheapest.
Let me say, for the benefit of those who, like myself, enjoy the flavor of meat in a dish, even though we do not care for it in large quantities, that the addition of a haft cup of any left over chopped meat will impart
additional savoriness to the rice pie. Cold lamb, beef, veal, chicken, ham, or tongue may be used either with the eggs or without them.