Wash and core large, firm pears, dropping into

From 1912:

Wash and core large, firm pears, dropping into cold water as you core each. Drain and put into a porcelain lined kettle, cover with cold water and simmer gently until they are tender but not until they break or crumble. Drain off the liquor and return to the kettle, spreading the fruit upon broad platters to cool. Allow to the water in which they were cooked a pound of sugar to each quart and boil hard for five minutes. Then add the juice of two lemons.
Return the pears to the liquid in the kettle and bring to a gentle boil. Take them out and pack in scalded jars set in hot water. Fill each jar to overflowing with the boiling sirup. Have ready in scalding water the tops. Fit the rubbers upon the jars, clap on the tops and seal instantly.
N. B. More acid fruits. Such as peaches and apples, plums and cherries, do not need the addition of the lemon juice.