Bungalow Cream Salad Dressing by Irene Hunt

From 1915:

To me there isn’t anything more delightfully different than donning a big apron and fussing around in the kitchen. My cooking fancy leads me to creating light dishes and adornments, rather than the heavier foods. I have been very successful at making bungalow cream salad dressing. This is the recipe I use in the following proportions:

Two eggs,
2 tablespoonfuls of sugar,
1 teaspoonful of salt,
cayenne pepper,
1 tablespoonful of butter,
1 cup of vinegar,
1 cup of water
and one teaspoon of cornstarch.

After beating the eggs, add the sugar and mustard, salt, pepper and cornstarch. Beat all smooth. Add vinegar, water and butter. Put this on a slow fire and stir steadily. Let it come to a boil for about two minutes and then remove from the fire.