Brandy Snaps

they are well known at the English fairs

Take 1 oz. butter, flour, brown sugar (white will do), and golden syrup and a few drops of essence of lemon, a little ground ginger and vanilla essence. Pour all this into a saucepan except the flour, and let it warm. When it is all melted, stir in the flour slowly. Well grease a baking tin or slide and drop the mixture on this in teaspoonfuls, keeping the snaps far apart. Bake five minutes, or until a nice brown; take them out and set aside till half cold, then slide a knife under each one to loosen from the slide and roll up. Be sure not to let them get quite cold or they will go crisp before being rolled. These are very nice made according to recipe, and may appeal to some English readers, as they are well known at the English fairs.