Betsy Pudding by Helen Leslie

From 1915:

When I am looking for a new recipe to add to my little stock I always fancy one with an attractive name. I think this was the reason I took the trouble to try the recipe for Betsy pudding, which has proved delicious and easy to make. It isn’t expensive. Its ingredients are simple and it doesn’t take long to bake.

My way of making Betsy pudding is this:

First get together a pint of milk, 3 oz. of breadcrumbs, 1 tablespoon of white sugar and a goodly supply of jam of any kind desired.
Spread a good layer of jam in the bottom of a pie-dish. Pour the milk, nearly boiling, onto the breadcrumbs. When cool stir in the egg, which should be beaten. Pour this gently over the top and bake for half an hour.
Betsy pudding is so simple and harmless that a child may eat it. Yet it is so tasty and palatable that a cook won’t feel ashamed if it is served to her most fastidious friends.