Beef Olives With Vegetables

Get a round steak, cut very thin; cut into

From 1911:

Get a round steak, cut very thin; cut into strips four inches long and about two inches wide. Put bread crumbs in a bowl; add pepper, salt and melted butter; spread each strip of the steak with the stuffing, roll them up and tie; put about half a cup of suet in stew pan; when melted throw in the olives (as they are now called), shake over fire till nicely brown, add two tablespoons of flour to the pan and mix well. Dissolve one teaspoon of beef extract till boiling; add bay leaf, onion and seasoning; cover pan and simmer slowly for over an hour; when done remove the strings, put olives in center of meat dish and arrange vegetables around; strain the sauce over meat, serve with potato croquettes and send to the table at once.