Barley Nut Doughnuts

From 1919:
Barley nut doughnuts of the best variety can be made with little trouble from the following recipe:
1 tablespoon of melted lard,
¼ cup honey,
¼ cup corn syrup,
1 egg,
¾ cup buttermilk,
3 ½ cups barley flour,
1 teaspoon salt,
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg,
½ teaspoon soda,
3 teaspoons baking powder,
¼ cup chopped nuts.
Cream together the melted lard, honey and syrup. Add the egg beaten very light, and the buttermilk mixed with the soda. Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly and add to the mixture. Lastly, add the chopped nuts.
Roll out on a floured board to one quarter inch thickness. Cut with a doughnut cutter and fry in lard until a golden brown. Currents or dates may be used to vary the recipe.