From 1889:

Mrs Roger Q Mills’ barbecued mutton has gained more votes for Corsicans statesman than his free trade speeches. it is always prepared by Mrs Mills’ own hands and the Texan who eats it never swerves from his allegiance. It is as follows:

Take a nice tender forequarter or only the ribs of lamb or mutton. Cut it across three or four times to break the bones so as to carve it easily. Put it in a flat stove pan or better on a broiler in front of the fire. Let it boil slowly. Take a pint of vinegar, add to it two tablespoonfuls of red pepper pods (cut up fine, much the best), teaspoonful black pepper, salt to taste, and two tablespoonfuls of butter. Keep this hot. Make a sponge of a piece of soft cloth and all the time the meat is cooking mop it with the dressing. When ready pour on the rest of the dressing and serve hot.