Ballad of Buckwheat Cakes – A poem Recipe

The best you have eaten

A ballad of buckwheats and how to prepare them:
Do just as I say and you’ll surely declare them
The best you have eaten.
One-half cup of corn meal mixed with on quart of water;
The latter at boiling point – not any hotter;
Now cool, then let with it be beaten
Three cups of buckwheat, half cup of white flour,
One-third cake compressed yeast -to stay till night hour.
Of salt a teaspoonful is a-plenty.
At night take a third of your batter and beat it –
That is, if a medium sized family’s to eat it.
Of cakes this will make about twenty.
Add a teaspoonful of soda ‘ere frying;
And last, hot griddle’s essential.

For those who love buckwheats but find they cause itching,
This recipe brings relief quite bewitching,
For such ’tis indeed providential.