Baked Beans

From 1905:
Pick and wash a pint of beans, put into a half-gallon of water and let soak over night; drain off the water in the morning, put in a bean pot, or deep pan, add a tablespoonful of molasses, half a teaspoonful of salt, a half pound of fat, salt pork, and fill the pot with boiling water. Bake four hours in a moderate oven; or the beans may be boiled until quite tender, but not broken up. Water should be added as it boils away, until about an hour before they are done, but when taken from the fire they should be nearly dry. If wished to be served in small crocks, the crocks should be filled with the beans, a small lump of butter laid on top of each, and the crocks set in the oven until the beans are browned on top. There are small brown dishes which come for this purpose, costing four or five cents each, to be had at the china stores.