Take 1 lb. of raisins, 1 lb. suet (chopped fine

Take 1 lb. of raisins, 1 lb. suet (chopped fine), ¾ lb. stale breadcrumbs, ¼ lb. brown sugar, grated rind of a lemon, ¼ lb. Flour, 1 lb. currants, ½ nutmeg (grated), 5 eggs, ½ pint brandy, ½ lb. minced candied orange peel. Clean, wash and dry the currants, stone the raisins, mix all the dry ingredients well together; beat the eggs, add to them the brandy, then pour them over the dry ingredients and thoroughly mix. Pack into greased small moulds (this will make about 6 lb.), and boil for six hours at the time of making and six hours when wanted for use. Serve with hard or brandy sauce.