Apple Salad

Polish the apples till they shine well,

From 1922:

Ingredients: Half-a-dozen nice red apples, half-head of young celery, half pint of aspic jelly, one teaspoon of finely-chopped parsley, one young lettuce, one tablespoon of mayonnaise sauce, a few sprigs of watercress, and two teaspoons of castor sugar.
Method: Polish the apples till they shine well, cut off the top, and scoop out the inside with a spoon. Remove the core, and chop the other part finely; chop up the celery, and mix together. Add a little vinegar to the mayonnaise to make it thinner, and mix it well with the apple and celery, flavour with pepper and salt, and the finely chopped parsley, and fill the apples with the mixture. Lay each apple on a small lettuce leaf, and garnish with the aspic jelly chopped.