Peach jelly may also be made from this recipe.

Quarter and core ripe crabapples or any well flavored tart apples and heat slowly in a preserving kettle. Unless they are juicy add enough water to protect them from scorching and cook at a gentle simmer until the apples are broken to pieces. Put the pulp into a flannel bag and let it drip. If you squeeze the pulp the juice is likely to be cloudy. Measure your juice and to each pint of it allow a pound of granulated sugar. Put the juice on the fire in a clean kettle, cook it for twenty minutes after it comes to a boil, skim carefully, and add the sugar.
Let the Jelly return to the boil and cook for one minute and take from the fire. Have your glasses ready and fill immediately, but do not close or attempt to cover with paraffin until the jelly is entirely cold.
PEACH JELLY: Make by the preceding recipe, but add a tablespoon of lemon juice to each pint of the peach juice, and put this in after straining the juice from the fruit.