Apple Butter

Plum butter may be made in the same way

Peel, core and cut up apples in abundance, put them over the fire with just enough water to keep them from scorching, and let them come to the boil slowly. Cook at a gentle simmer for several hours adding a little more water from time to time if there seems to be danger of the fruit sticking to the kettle. After four or five hours boiling try a little of the apple in a saucer to see if it is thick and smooth and does not separate. Season to taste with ground cloves and cinnamon and add a little sugar -enough to remove the sharp acidity without making the butter too sweet.

If you prefer making the apple butter with cider, put this over the fire and boil for a couple of hours before adding it to the apples as you would water in following the preceding recipe. Plum butter may be made in the same way, removing the skins and stones from the plums.