It is fine with a layer of smearcase

From 1913:

Make a dough as for biscuits, of one quart flour, two heaping teaspoons baking powder, butter the size of a large egg, a pinch of salt, milk or water sufficient to make a batter stiff enough to roll. Turn the dough out on a clean well floured tablecloth and roll out very thin – about an eighth of an inch; brush it well over the top with two well-beaten eggs. Some use three or four clean feathers tied together or a small brush to do this. Then spread on a layer of thinly sliced or chopped mellow apples, sprinkle with sugar, a quarter pound of nut meats, a half pound of seeded raisins which have been cleaned and simmered for about ten minutes. Begin at one edge to roll the cloth high enough to let the dough finish rolling. Take the roll and coil it around in a buttered pan and bake twenty or thirty minutes.
It is fine with a layer of smearcase with a little sugar, two tablespoons melted butter and a half cup of raisins or currants instead of apple, or with any kind of berries. The dough in this recipe is greatly modified by Prof. Emil Sage, as the old fashioned way of preparing it is too cumbersome for the American housewife, and none but a seasoned old country German would prepare this dish as it is done in Germany.