Another Fruit Cake Recipe

One and a half cups butter,
half cup each of butter and of lard,
three eggs,
a grated nutmeg,
a teaspoon ground cloves,
three teaspoons ground cinnamon,
a teaspoon and a half baking soda,
a cup each of currants and of raisins, the latter cooked in a little water until tender and all the water cooked away,
a cup sour milk,
a cup nut meats,
walnut or any kind you choose,
three cups flour.

All these cakes have their place in the commissariat and are perhaps of most use to offer on state occasions. For this reason their “keeping” qualities are valuable since if wrapped in cloths and shut away in a tightly closed tin box they are good for a much longer time than a simpler cake would be.
Although expensive in material they should only be eaten in small quantities because of their richness and so are not so costly in the long run as a plainer cake that would be served in large portions.