This is an ordinary sized pie made of any scraps of raw meat which cannot be served in the usual way. Stew or slowly boil the meat in a little water. When cool, dust them with cornflour (reserving the water in which they were cooked), and put a layer in a pie-dish with a suspicion of powdered herbs, a seasoning of salt and pepper; then a layer of mashed potatoes and minced onions. Add more meat, etc., until all are used. Pour in the liquor from the cooked meat, and cover with a nice short crust made in this way : Put ¼ lb. of lard or dripping into ½ pint of hot water; boil it up, and then pour it on to ½ lb. oatmeal, and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly, and quickly, but do not roll it out. Shape it to the top of the dish, and pinch the edges to the rim. Bake in a good oven for about half an hour. This is a very sustaining dish, and most children like it when they would not look at oatmeal served as porridge.