Omelettes are easily and quickly made, and may be flavoured in various ways. You will find this a very nice sample:

Boil ¼ pint of milk, and pour it over a small breakfastcup of bread crumbs and 1 ounce of butter, in a basin, and mix well. Add a dessertspoonful of minced parsley, some salt and pepper, and then the beaten yolks of three eggs, and afterwards the whipped whiles of the eggs. Butter your pan rather thickly, and stir in the mixture; keep stirring lightly in the centre of the omelette until it begins to set. Loosen the edges all round with a knife, and slip the knife under the omelette, to keep it free from the pan, then shake the pan and fold the omelette over. Quickly brown it, and slide it off on to a hot dish. An omelette should not take longer than three minutes to make.