About Us

“Nouvelle cuisine”, “fashionable foods” and ridiculously small portions may be all the rage these days, but those of us who actually love food rather then trends, need to eat too. This is why this site was constructed. I don’t know anything about “Molecular gastronomy”, but I know a good piece of pie when I taste it. These recipes were made when taste and nourishment were what mattered. When fat, salt or sugar were not bad words.
You may find some of the recipes are lacking in detail, especially in terms of cooking times and degrees. You may also find some outdated measurement terms (such as a “gill”) or ingredients (a “junket tablet”), but this is part of the fun of reading these gems from the past.
I hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of recipes, but mostly, I hope you enjoy trying them out, and sharing your experiences with the rest of us who love good old fashioned meals.