A Never Falling Recipe for Loaf Cake

One cup sugar and half a cup butter, creamed white

From 1911:

A cup means a level cup; use ordinary cup, and have all the ingredients good. One cup sugar and half a cup butter, creamed white and foamy; two eggs well beaten; half a cup sweet milk and one and two-thirds cups sifted flour, into which has been sifted one rounding teaspoon baking powder.
Mix well and add two-thirds teaspoon of any good flavoring. Now beat one way thoroughly till all is light and creamy and pour into a well greased pan and bake in a moderate oven (230 degrees), which has already been made ready. Keep the same steady heat. It should not be hot enough to perceptibly brown the cake for 15 minutes, after which a light golden brown will follow until the cake is done, which will be in about three-quarters of an hour after being placed in the oven.

This recipe may be doubled, the batter divided and half of it darkened by two or three tablespoons of grated chocolate and made into a delicious marble cake, with the same rules for baking. The larger the cake the longer the time to bake.