Pour it into a hot tureen

From 1890:

A favored dish is lobster in terrapin style and although it has been served for years on her table, Mrs Wanamaker does not claim its origination. A Delmonic was its creator:

Split two good-sized fine, freshly boiled lobsters. Pick all the meat from out the shells, then cut it into one-inch length equal pieces. Place it in a saucepan on the hot range with one ounce of very good fresh butter. Season with one pinch of salt and half a tablespoonful of red pepper, adding two medium-sized, sound truffles cut into small disc-shaped pieces. Cook for five minutes then add a wineglassful of good Madeira wine. Reduce to one-half, which will take three minutes. Have three egg yolks in a bowl with half a pint of sweet cream, beat well together and add to it the lobster. Gently shuffle for two minutes longer, or until it thickens well. Pour it into a hot tureen and serve hot.