Take a little more than ½ lb. of

From 1922:

Take a little more than ½ lb. of butter, 1 ½ cupfuls sugar, 2 cupfuls flour (1 self-raising and 1 plain flour), 6 eggs, ¼ lb. currants, 1 lb. sultanas, a few dates (chopped), a little lemon peel, a little milk, a few drops of essence of almonds and essence of lemon. Beat butter and sugar to a cream, add eggs one at a time, and beat each one thoroughly; then add most of the flour gradually, saving a little to sprinkle on the fruit, as the fruit will not fall to the bottom of cake if mixed with flour. Mix well and bake in a good oven for two hours, no longer. Ice as usual. Bake a week before it is wanted.